How To Enjoy Anabolic Steroids Safely

There are several issues regarding anabolic steroids that users need to be worried about. While there are legal issues to worry about, there are some health and psychological issues that need to be debated as well. A steroid user must monitor a wide range of areas, including allowing some form of cerebral monitoring. As long as that monitoring is kept up, the use of the steroids should be reasonably safe and will enable the person to use them for as long as possible.

This monitoring should include a daily physical examination as well as a doctor examination. The regular exam is because some physical side effects need to watch for, such as oily skin and hair or possible severe acne, as well as evidence of liver or kidney disease. The doctor visits are to ensure that the athlete has no risks from liver or kidney disease or any form of heart disease. With regular examinations, the person should be able to head off any potential problems and, better yet, be able to decide when it is time to quit or at least find a safer alternative.

The athlete also needs to worry about psychological side effects as well and should be willing to trust his friends when it comes to potential issues. Use of anabolic steroids can lead to altered moods, suicidal tendencies, irritability, and increased aggression; without monitoring, someone can suffer from problems that may make it harder to socialize and could lead to a person causing damage to himself or others. “Roid rage” is a well-known problem, and as long as users are keeping an eye on each other, they should be reasonably okay. As long as side effects are monitored for, users should be able to live a long life and thus enjoy bodybuilding for as long as they live.