A One-Minute Guide To Anabolic Steroids

If you have been lifting for a while now, you have probably already heard the term anabolic steroids, but you may not quite get what they do or if less is more (or more is more.) If you are still a little confused about anabolic steroids and need the facts, here is a quick one minute guide to help you better understand this potent powerhouse…


Used for gaining mass, cutting weight, gaining strength, and stamina, steroids are used to maximize what you are doing in the gym. This is not an excuse to eat whatever you want and be lazy. The success of the steroids will depend upon the progress you have in the gym and kitchen. Keep going hard at the gym. Keep consuming adequate calories, carbs, protein, and healthy fats to see gains. Do not use this as an excuse to go into a junk food coma. Then, you will end up with a different kind of mass.

Side effects

All drugs have side effects. Most can be dealt with. The most common are stomach upset, insomnia, acne, and anxiety. If you have cardiovascular issues or any other health issue, steroids may not be right for you. You must speak to a doctor first if you think you may not be completely healthy. Otherwise, steroids are generally very safe for healthy people.


You should always stick to the recommended dosage and duration on the label. Do not take too much or too little. Do not alter the time frame. Your body needs time to adjust to coming down off the medication. Taking too much can lead to detrimental effects. Respect it. It will respect you.

Know as much as possible about a drug before you take it, when you do, you will be able to take it with confidence. Knowing what to expect can make new experiences easier.